bīkü beaded designs

A Selection of Beaded Creations

NEW BIKU!  Examples from the Biku Goddess Collection - available soon!

These unique, meditative designs include semi-precious stones, all chosen with care to provide, healing, calming, centering and grounding qualities for the wearer.  The beautiful, handmade centerpieces with either a goddess or symbol were created by Milwaukee artist Stacy Ollmann (visit her facebook page Creative Intentions).  I am honored to have my Biku designs joined together with the work of another artist who celebrates the energy and beauty of the earth and the feminine spirit.


Eco-friendly, Recycled Gift Card, Guitar Pick Earrings

Beaded Leather Cuff Bracelets





Fluorite, purple tiger's eye and blue line agate "Faerie Reverie" pendant.  Tiger's eye is known for assisting in focus and determination.  Fluorite is a powerful healing stone.  "It can be used as a meditation stone to help energize the body."  Agate is an earth stone known for grounding and balance.


Spinning "Coral of the Sea" Pendant - coral symbolizes life force energy.  "Coral is a good aid for meditation or visualization."  Onyx and snowflake obsidian provide protection and deflection of negative energy.

"Blue Lightning" pendant with blue line agate, moonstone, onyx and blue glow vintage beads.  Moonstone is known for its healing properties and encouraging love.  Onyx encourages steadfastness, determination and strength.  Agate stones are good for grounding and strength.  (This set is no longer available.)

"Raku's Heart of the Earth" pendant - break with energy that no longer serves your spirit.  This grounding stone pendant made with mixed agate, unakite, picture jasper and clear quartz crystal will encourage you to seek what you need within and break free of old habits.  Agate and picture jasper are grounding stones.  "Unakite can be used to draw off negative energy and blockage from the Heart Chakra.

Tribal Swirl necklace with matching earrings.  Made with wooden beads, glass beads, tiger's eye stone beads, howlite stone beads, blown glass beads with black polka dots and silver accents.  Good for cleansing energy, grounding, creativity and being in-tune with one's connection to others.  (This set is no longer available.)

Examples of some recent Biku designs

Tribal Blue Splash Pendant - made with a blue agate center stone, red coral and clay beads.  Deep and mysterious, this pendant adds color and vibrancy to the wearer.  ($42)

I donated this onyx and snowflake obsidian pendant to the 2010 PAAC sponsored Spring Bling Fashion Show for their charity raffle.

I donated this mixed agate and clear quartz earring/pendant set to the silent auction/raffle held at the A.C. Troyer Gallery in Oconomowoc, WI to benefit the Hebron House charity.

Butter jasper, clear quartz and agate stone disc pendant. 

Mexican Fire Agate beads with moonstone and silver accents.  Good for deep calming energy that brings security and safety.  It also has strong grounding powers.  Bracelet (no longer available).  Earrings, $17.50. 

Many-Petaled Bliss Necklace: spotted agate, serpentine, tiger's eye, hematite and assorted beads.  This necklace would be a positive energy source for grounding, healing, cleansing, focus and concentration.  Serpentine makes this a "success" amulet as well!  $44.00

Blue Goldstone and silver beaded bracelet and earrings.  It is said Goldstone will relieve anxiety and fear.  It is an energy generating stone.  Bracelet $22 ; Earrings, $17.50 (OR, $39 for the set)

Blue Chalcedony stone pendant with moonstone beads and matching Celtic design earrings.  Blue Chalcedony is known for courage, goodwill and is uplifting to the spirit.  (This set is no longer available.)

Assorted earrings. from Left to Right Top:  purple shell beads, blue blown glass and clear crystal, red and clear crystal, purple flower glass and clear crystal.  Left to Right Bottom: red and clear crystal with silver accents, clear crystal with silver accents and pink/clear crystal.  (All earrings $17.50 per pair - purple shell earrings and purple flower bead earrings, no longer available.)

White Howlite, clear quartz and silver beads.  Howlite is a calming stone used to reduce anger and stress.  Clear quartz magnifies the energy of the other stones.  Bracelet (no longer available); Earrings, $17.50

Bracelet with assorted amethyst beads, rose quartz and clear quartz beads.  Good for calming, soothing, Mother Love energy and overall healing.  $24

Turquoise earrings with silver accents.  In Native American mythology turquoise is associated with the blue sky and the green earth. It is symbolic of mankind's source (spirit / sky), and believed to impart wisdom.   $17.50

Sodalite stone beads with silver swirl design.  Good for healing emotions and the physical body.  It is an aid to transformation when used in meditation.  Earrings, $22

Assorted bracelets, pendants and earrings.  Only a few items in this photo are still available.  Prices upon request.

Assorted beads: howlite, tiger's eye, purple shell and clear quartz beads.  Good for cleansing one's energy, grounding and finding one's center.  Bracelet (no longer available).

Earrings from Top to Bottom:  pressed flower glass beads, blown glass beads with blue polka dots, roses carved in agate stone beads (grounding) and tiger's eye beads (grounding and protection), mystical maze wooden beads with magnetic hematite (grounding, cleanses the blood) and green beads.  (All earrings $17.50 - flower bead earrings and wooden maze design earrings, no longer available.)

Rose quartz and clear quartz beaded earrings with silver accents.  Good for healing and loving energy.  (No longer available.)